Tenterfield water plant

The construction of a new $9.64 million water treatment plant that will supply water to the community of Tenterfield, New South Wales, has been completed.

The previous plant – which was 90 years old – was inefficient and unreliable, losing one litre of water for every litre of potable water that was produced.

The new facility will treat up to 2.6ML every day and be able to treat bore water if the town needs to switch to an alternative source when Tenterfield Dam is at critical lows or the area becomes drought declared.

Water NSW said the new plant will significantly improve water quality through enhanced treatment processes and, more importantly, put an end to water waste by ensuring every drop gets where it’s needed the most.

The infrastructure is designed to support tourism and population growth for the next five decades.

The New South Wales Government provided the majority of funding, with $7 million from the Safe and Secure Water Program along with $2.625 from the Building Better Regions Funding.

Tenterfield Mayor, Bronwyn Petrie, said the new infrastructure has been the missing piece in the town’s water security puzzle.

“We are so grateful the New South Wales and Federal Governments have stepped in to make this project a reality,” Ms Petrie said.

“With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting another dry spell, communities like Tenterfield cannot afford to lose any water which is why this new plant will be a game changer for the town.”

The state and federal governments are also delivering an upgrade to the Urbenville water treatment plant, along with two new raw water lagoons and a tank, which is due to be completed by the end of 2023.

Featured image: Clean and reliable water is now secured for the Tenterfield community with the completion of a world class $9.64 million water treatment plant. Courtesy of NSW Water.

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