The contract for a major portion of 132kV and 33kV transmission mains and substation works for a leading NSW energy provider has been awarded to UEA Electrical. These works are set to commence July 2013 and will carry on through multiple stages, until scheduled completion in March 2014.

This project marks a significant advancement in project scope for the company. The scope of works for this project will include the following:

  • Installation of 132kV underground cabling from 400mm2 to 1200mm2
  • Installation of 33kV underground cabling from 630mm2 to 1200mm2
  • Installation of 132kV and 33kV transformer cabling and jointing
  • Installation of 33kV Capacitor bank cabling and jointing
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) Suedkabel sealing end terminations
  • 132kV structure mounted Pfisterer sealing end terminations
  • Installation of structure earthing and earth link boxes
  • Installation and splicing of optical fibre communications cabling
  • Installation of 132kV overhead structures and linework
  • Substation basement fit out

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