Richmond water processing plant

Sydney Water has awarded a contract to deliver major upgrades worth $150 million to the Richmond Water Recycling Plant (WRP) to improve its wastewater network and provide circular economy benefits.

BMD Constructions will deliver the project, which is expected to double the plant capacity. The contract includes  upgrades to the 7km main that transfers flows from North Richmond to Richmond, construction of a new wastewater pumping station, and upgrades to the three existing wastewater facilities in the area.

Sydney Water Senior Project Manager, Greg Cable, said the planned works will play a major part in ensuring a more sustainable future, meeting the needs of Richmond’s growing population.

“Growth is set to increase by 70 per cent, and we estimate the completed upgrades will help future-proof the region’s rapidly growing population over the next three decades,” Mr Cable said.

“This project will also contribute significantly to circular economy benefits by expanding water recycling capacity at the site and the production of biosolid matter for reuse.”

BMD Constructions General Manager, John Vida, said the contract is an exciting opportunity to work with Sydney Water to deliver wastewater upgrades that will benefit the area for decades to come.

“We’re looking forward to maximising our collaborative partnership with Sydney Water and together bolstering outcomes to benefit the people of Sydney,” Mr Vida said.

Construction of the Richmond WRP will commence in September 2023 and is scheduled to be completed by 2026.

Featured image: The Richmond Water Recycling Plant. Courtesy of Sydney Water.

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