Central Coast Council has awarded a contract for Bateau Bay Sewage Treatment Plant’s odour facilities, marking another step towards the $35 million upgrade for the sewerage treatment plan 

This contract for the design and construction of a new inlet works Odour Control Facility and the full refurbishment of the Primary Sedimentation Tanks Odour Control Facility has been awarded to Gongues Constructions Pty Ltd. 

Central Coast Council Director for Water and Sewer, Jamie Loader, said that while the works were due to be part of the overall plant upgrade these works had been brought forward under a dedicated contract to accelerate the delivery of the new and augmented odour control infrastructure. 

“The new system will replace the original with an upsized multi barrier treatment process capable of reducing odour to below detectable limits,” Mr Loader said. 

“The downstream odour control facility at the Primary Sedimentation Tanks will include full coverage of the key points of odour discharge. 

“The works are to be completed in accordance with rigorous odour control targets and at completion, will result in insignificant detections of odour in the surrounding areas around the plant.”

Central Coast Council Administrator, Rik Hart, said works were anticipated to be complete by the second half of 2024.

“Works will be staged to enable design works to be delivered in parallel to the refurbishment works. This enables immediate improvements to be realised before the full project is completed,” Mr Hart said. 

“There is a process, we appreciate the community’s patience while Council progresses these works.”

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