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TasWater has awarded a contract for a project to divert sewage and stormwater away from the kanamaluka/Tamar estuary, with construction expected to begin in October.

The contract for the Margaret Street Diversion Project was awarded to BridgePro Engineering, which is recognised for its successful delivery of infrastructure projects around Tasmania and is expected to commence the major construction works in October 2022.

The Margaret Street Diversion Project will involve the construction of a large underground chamber to divert sewage and stormwater flows away from kanamaluka/Tamar estuary.

“The significance of this project should not be underestimated and is one of many projects to be delivered under the Tamar Estuary River Health Action Plan (TERHAP),” TasWater’s Project Director, Andrew Truscott, said.

TERHAP is an initiative of the Tamar Estuary Management Taskforce and the Launceston City Deal, to improve the health of the kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary and is jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian governments, the City of Launceston and TasWater.

Feature Image: The site of the Margaret Street Diversion Project. Photo: TasWater.

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