For many years, fats, oils and greases (FOG) have been a significant problem in sewer networks resulting in surcharge incidents to stakeholders if left unchecked. These incidents are generally confined to areas where there are high concentrations of fast- food outlets and restaurants.

FLUSHER II is a simple solution designed to maintain the serviceability of underperforming sewer catchments.

FLUSHER II attenuates effluent for a short period and at a predetermined hydraulic head, an automated gate releases a high-volume, low-pressure column of effluent through the catchment network, scouring and mobilising sediment downstream to prevent future silt buildups and FOG blockages.

Upstream will encounter the most significant increase in velocity, and this increase can be varied by adjusting the FLUSHER II to ensure the right effect has been achieved.

FOG surcharge conditions result in loss of hydraulic performance, and the following diagram shows extracts from a Hydraulic Assessment undertaken by Atkins Global demonstrating the benefits of installing the FLUSHER II.

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