A litter free Cooks River is closer than ever before with the City of Canterbury partnering with Sydney Water to install a litter boom and trap in the Cooks River at Boat Harbour, Hurlstone Park.

The litter boom has been designed to capture floating litter, directing it into a trap which can then be emptied and removed easily.

Since its installation on 20 August 2014, the boom has been emptied on five occasions and has captured 15 cubic metres of rubbish from the river, the equivalent of 62 household wheelie bins.

“Council continues to work hard in collaboration with Sydney Water to restore the Cooks River to health, and over time, we have made significant improvements,” Mayor Brian Robson said.

“The litter boom and trap will not only reduce the amount of rubbish floating in the water, but it will improve water quality at the site, downstream, and in Botany Bay.”

“Local wildlife will also appreciate the improved habitat and I have already noticed some birdlife using the booms as resting spots,” the Mayor said.

Robert Allen, Service Delivery Officer at Sydney Water, said “This is the latest partnership project between Canterbury Council and Sydney Water. It follows on from the Cup and Saucer Creek Wetland, the Cooks River Naturalisation works currently underway, and the Cooks River Improvement Plan recently initiated.”

“Sydney Water contractors will inspect and clean the litter trap weekly and information on the amount of rubbish removed will be published on the Canterbury Council website.”

“Sydney Water and the Council can do our part to remove as much litter from the Cooks River as possible, but if residents want a truly clean Cooks River it is up to all of us to ensure that rubbish is disposed of correctly so that it doesn’t end up flowing into the River.”

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