With 17 years’ experience in information technology and security management between them, Rachel Zainey and Richard Sengmany know how to put together a crack cyber security team, and they’ll be sharing their expertise at the upcoming Secure Utilities.  

The pair, both Principal Consultants of Governance Risk and Compliance at Enex Carbon, will be delivering a presentation entitled ‘Creating amazing teams: building capability based on board level risks and management of security culture’ at the 23 March 2017 event in Melbourne.

headshot_rachelz-smMs Zainey has spent more than seven years in information security and technology risk management, and worked in some of the most complex environments in Australia.

Over this period, Ms Zainey has put in place a variety of successful business change initiatives regarding the identification, assessment and treatment of operational business risks.

Ms Zainey’s expertise lies within risk and security governance, implementation and management of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), ISO/IEC 27001 certification, compliance and business continuity management.

Ms Zainey provides professional consulting services to a range of clients from the utilities, telecommunications, banking and higher education industries and has a Bachelor of Science.

With over ten years’ experience in information technology and cyber security management, Mr Sengmany’s expertise lies in engaging people on all levels regarding the governance of cyber security.

headshot_richards-smMr Sengmany has been part of some of Australia’s largest and most complex Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, delivering risk-based frameworks to support the management of information security and disaster recovery.

Having experienced working at multiple levels within cyber security management, architecture and operations, Mr Sengmany has led and implemented many cyber security projects that support business requirements and overarching strategy.

Mr Sengmany works with clients in the financial services, higher education, telecommunications and technology sectors. He holds a Master of Information Technology.

How amazing are your cyber security teams? Our event, Secure Utilities, to be held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne on 23 March 2017, will ensure your utility keeps up with the latest thinking and technology to keep its assets and data safe. 


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