Across Australia and the globe, EJ is relied upon to design, manufacture and distribute exceptional access solutions for vital infrastructure projects. These projects support the stormwater, wastewater and telecommunications networks necessary in modern society.

Each day, EJ solutions play a vital role in the development and maintenance of public and private infrastructure. In early 2022, a series of floods hit South East Queensland and coastal New South Wales. Media reports estimate upwards of $2.5 billion in damages related to the floods. Businesses and residents impacted are still trying to rebuild over a year later.

A major rain or tidal event can overload your stormwater and sewer systems. The extreme pressure within the system often results in dislodged access covers. The result is a lifethreatening safety hazard for both motorists and pedestrians. These open pits are hidden if the area is submerged under even a small amount of flood water.

Creating a solution

EJ has invented an access assembly designed to solve this problem. In everyday use, the MAESTROTM cover is secured shut by an engineered torsion bar design. Once subjected to a large back pressure surge, such as a flood, the cover will act as a relief valve allowing itself to hinge open.

Due to specially designed hinges, even when relieving pressure, the cover is retained in the frame, keeping the street safe and preventing accidents. Furthermore, once the pressure subsides, the MAESTROTM cover will simply close and lock safely under passing traffic.

The MAESTROTM product is already widely in use across New Zealand, with councils and governments embracing the resilient design.

This investment in MAESTROTM products paid dividends in the recent flooding and cyclone hitting the North Island. After these events, while infrastructure was being assessed, cleaned up and sometimes rebuilt, the MAESTROTM products shut closed and went back to business as usual.

Providing unrivalled expertise

There is a comprehensive range at EJ including cast and fabricated products, which serve a vast range of industries such as construction, water distribution and telecom. The EJ foundries and workshops around the world use the latest integrated technology and lean processes, and EJ has a century of experience in craftsmanship delivering quality products.

As a global presence, EJ draws from a wide range of expertise and resources, to provide users with access solutions that are specifically tailored to their unique requirements. The EJ MAESTROTM cover is a testament to the EJ advantage. EJ has designed access solutions made to work for Australians, helping to keep the public safe and reducing damages during challenging times.

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