Australia and New Zealand’s leading pipeline infrastructure company, Interflow, has a vision that supports the growth of its people, fosters partnerships with its customers, and ensures the wellbeing of the communities it serves.

Interflow has earned its top position in the water industry by continually challenging the status quo, and servicing the needs of local councils, water authorities and pipeline infrastructure asset owners for 85 years.

As an experienced delivery partner, Interflow provides end-to-end services for local councils and water authorities via its self-performed capabilities and network of trusted sub-contractors.

Interflow’s services encompass project planning, design, construction and maintenance across the water, wastewater, stormwater and culvert segments. Innovation lies at the core of Interflow’s service offering, from proactive asset management to emergency repairs.

From metropolitan water authorities to remote local councils, the company works closely with its customers to develop tailored solutions that work for customers and the community.

Effective and efficient asset management

Interflow demonstrated a proclivity for innovation very early on, exemplified in the 1990s when the business pioneered trenchless pipeline rehabilitation. Trenchless technologies have quickly become the construction methods of choice for local councils and water authorities across Australia and New Zealand.

The company recognises that asset owners have moved towards ‘trenchless tech’, as dig and replace methods, particularly in urban areas, can be disruptive, impacting residents, commuters and the environment with dust, noise, and a hefty site footprint.

Trenchless technology can minimise these impacts by reducing environmental disruption to a single point of entry, as well as minimise project time and costs.

This presents valuable cost savings to local councils, who often look for the most efficient and effective ways to preserve their critical pipeline infrastructure, without compromising quality.

Creating a healthy environment

Just as councils expect quality solutions that will support the community for years to come, there is also a demand for solutions that are environmentally responsible.

Throughout its history, Interflow’s people have worked in some of the most sensitive areas, each time going above and beyond to preserve and protect the working environment.

Trenchless technology enables service providers, such as Interflow, to remain customer-focused and environmentally savvy by reducing the emissions and environmental risks associated with excavation.

It is well established that trenchless pipeline construction methods also reduce air and noise pollution, benefitting the surrounding ecosystems of wildlife and residents.

Bringing the community along on the journey

Beyond the delivery of projects and environmental management, Interflow has the capacity to expertly manage all community engagement aspects of a project. To keep the community connected and informed, open communication with residents is fundamental.

This includes providing regular updates, seeking permission to enter private property, and, where appropriate, responding to residents’ concerns. Interflow strives to complete every project on time, within budget and without incident, enabling residents to go about their daily lives.

To find out more about Interflow’s solutions for water infrastructure networks, contact us to work on your company’s asset management plan.


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