Following an incident at Callide Power Station in Central Queensland, CS Energy has made a statement addressing the status of the situation.

At approximately 1.45pm on Tuesday 25 May, a fire occurred in the Turbine Hall for Callide C4. There were reports of explosions which CS Energy does not know the cause or source of at this time. As a result, both Callide C units and 1 Callide B unit tripped and came offline. One Callide B unit was already on an outage for maintenance.

The emergency evacuation measures were enacted, and the site evacuated. All 236 personnel at site were accounted for with no injuries. Emergency services attended and took control of the site.

CS Energy CEO, Andrew Bills, said the company’s priority is the health and safety of its people following the incident at Callide Power Station.

“Our people remain our priority,” Mr Bills said. 

“We are providing support to our employees and this will continue for as long as it is needed.

“I have already spoken to some of our people and will be talking with the Callide workforce this morning to check in on how they are going and to see firsthand the response to the incident.

“I would like to thank our people on-site who responded to the event in such a professional and calm manner.

“Thank you to our colleagues at AEMO, Powerlink and Energy Queensland who have worked throughout the night to restore power to people’s homes and businesses and keep the grid safe.

“I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of the emergency services crews who attended the site.”

Mr Bills said CS Energy recognised the events that occurred at Callide had impacted people and businesses throughout Queensland.

“We appreciate the efforts of Queenslanders to conserve energy. I understand blackouts are disruptive,” Mr Bills said. 

“That’s why our focus is on understanding the cause of the incident and importantly what needs to be done to get our units safely back online.”

Based on an initial inspection overnight, Unit C4 has experienced major damage and failure of the turbine. It will take some time to fully understand the cause of the failure and the steps that will need to be taken to repair the unit.

The unit that has been damaged is jointly owned by CS Energy and Intergen, and CS Energy said it will be working closely with its joint venture partner as part of this process.

CS Energy said it is too early to confidently provide a date for when the unit will be operational again, but assures it will share this information as soon as it knows.

The damage to the other units is currently being assessed, and CS Energy said this will be its next priority so that it can work out a plan to bring those units back safely.

A full investigation with appropriate experts and authorities will be undertaken to understand what has occurred and led to what appears to be a major incident.

CS Energy said as it gains greater access to the site and develops a plan to return the units to operation, it will provide further updates.

Callide Power Station consists of two power plants, Callide B and C, each with two generating units, and has a permanent workforce of 260 employees. CS Energy owns 100 per cent of Callide B and owns Callide C in a 50/50 joint venture with InterGen.

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