nbn CEO, Bill Morrow, has said while ubiquitous high-speed broadband was set to become the backbone of Australia’s digital economy, it would be the ways in which people used broadband over the NBN network that would be a key unlocking the nation’s future prosperity.

“We hear a lot about digital disruption. What I’m excited about is the potential for the nbn to create a seismic digital eruption – an innovation-led economic impetus that not only helps Australia maintain its high standard of living but enables us to lift it even higher,” Mr Morrow said.

“Three million more jobs are expected to be created by 2030 in both existing occupations as well as work connected to connectivity and innovation.”

According to Mr Morrow, for the millions of people living in areas where the NBN network had already been rolled out, the network has begun to contribute to a lessening of the divide between the city and the bush, the young and the old and Australia and the rest of the world.

“Whole communities are adopting a new mind set after connecting to the NBN network,” he said.

“For instance, in Coffs Harbour a software development industry has sprung up and with it an expansion in job opportunities. In Ipswich an environment of digital inclusion has led to it being named one of the world’s top seven Intelligent Communities.”

Mr Morrow said the entire NBN network was scheduled to be completed by 2020, with eight million homes and businesses due to be connected.

Developments in the coming months include the commencement of Fibre to the Node services as well as the launch into orbit of the first of nbn’s dedicated broadband satellites, a critical step in enabling the delivery of better broadband to rural and remote communities from the first half of next year.

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