Energex has recently asked people to be aware of how dangerous signs illegally attached to power poles can be to electricity workers and the community.

According to Energex’s Work Group Leader Leon Ost, crews have recently seen an increase in the number of signs placed to power poles in South East Queensland.

“Over the past few months Energex crews have noticed more and more signs tacked onto the very poles they need to climb,” Mr Ost said.

“They may be simple garage sale or business signs but the nails and screws with which they’re attached can cause serious injuries to Energex staff.

“Many people also leave these signs attached until they fall off leaving nails, screws and other sharp fasteners behind.

“Then after storms and similar events Energex crews are required to climb power poles – often in the dark and rain – and this is when they can suffer serious cuts or become hooked up.

“At the end of the day we want our staff to make it home safe so we’re asking people to contact their council about the proper and legal means of displaying signs rather than placing them on power poles.”

Mr Ost also highlighted dangers the signs can pose to the community and those installing them.

“Some power poles have other pieces of electrical equipment attached and driving a nail or screw into them could result in a serious electric shock or worse,” Mr Ost said.

“Signs can also distract drivers on our roads which is not only a safety risk for those in the car, but for other motorists and pedestrians as well.”

Mr Ost said while the safety of Energex crews and the community was his number one priority, he highlighted that attaching signs to power poles was also illegal.

“Not many people realise that placing signage on power poles without a permit is in breach the Queensland Electricity Act,” he said.

“So we’re asking people to avoid placing the safety of Energex crews and community at risk and avoid fines of up to $4,400.”

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