An increase in the amount of greasy wastewater discharged to sewers causes two main issues: pipe blockages, and an increase in grease load to downstream sewage treatment plants.

Compounding the problem is the number of food courts with multiple commercial kitchens located together in large shopping centres. Based on traditional calculations, most large food courts are required to install multiple grease arrestors to handle the high flows.

Usually fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) are removed by conventional grease traps in food courts, but with the increase in the size and number of them, combined with the use of outdated systems, grease traps may not capture all the FOGs.

That’s where a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system such as the Hydroflux Grease Trap Dissolved Air Flotation (GT-DAF) system has a key role to play.

Hydroflux realised that while a traditional DAF system can be more effective than a conventional grease trap, there is still a compromise. This is because traditional DAF systems are often large, consume high levels of energy, and can require high loads of chemicals.

So Hydroflux came up with a separation device that was more energy-efficient, smaller, and designed specifically for the treatment of greasy wastewater from food courts.

Hydroflux’s GT-DAF was the first of its kind in the industry, incorporating the best of traditional GT and DAF systems. It features a two-stage separation process involving a free grease gravity separation stage, followed by the addition of dissolved air and demulsification agents.

The Hydroflux GT-DAF system, which most consultants now specify, is excellent at removing oils and grease from wastewater, is a viable alternative to a grease trap, and is preferable to traditional DAF systems. It can be up to 30 per cent smaller in size and deliver energy savings of up to 50 per cent.

When Hydroflux realised the advantages the GT-DAF design had over grease traps and traditional DAF systems, it took out a patent on the unique system.

The purpose-designed unit performs better than grease traps and typical DAF systems, with benefits including a reduction in unit size, improved performance, and the ability to overcome the operational problems of conventional systems.

Hydroflux has already installed ten GT-DAF units in Australia, several of them at Westfield shopping centres.

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