Two of the international speakers who will present innovative energy solutions at the 2016 Australian Energy Storage Conference in Sydney have been announced.

President and CEO of Greensmith Energy Management Systems, John Jung, and President and CEO of SimpliPhi Power, Catherine Von Burg, will join more than 40 local and international speakers to explore the theme of ‘thinking smart about energy storage’.

The two day conference will begin on 1 June with case studies profiling innovative energy storage solutions on buildings, in homes and in communities, as well as large energy storage sites to manage demand at the fringe of grid.  

Mr Jung will present a talk on Grid-Scale Energy Storage & Grid 2.0 and during his presentation, Greensmith will present a case study of a 1MW, behind-the-meter, solar-integrated storage system on the island of Puerto Rico.

By leveraging intelligent and flexible software, this site integrates multiple applications such as ramp rate control and easing island grid congestion—while improving the system’s return on investment.

Ms Von Burg will present on “Micro Grid Deployment – Maui Brewing Company: Safety, Accessibility & Power Security in the Age of Climate Change, Cyber Attack & Political Uncertainty”.

This microgrid concept is able to address the integration of geographically dispersed energy resources, for both the local community and/or the utility, thus avoiding significant technical problems that may affect the security of operation.

A full day of the conference will be dedicated to utility level solutions, both local and international, showcasing the move to Grid 2.0 and beyond.

Another key session will be held on “transforming the business models of the major energy companies to take advantage of storage technology’, while day two will lead with a session on how “intelligent energy storage systems define the future”.

Energy Storage will impact all levels of our power generation sector, and the Australian Energy Storage Conference aims to lead the debate in Australia in 2016.

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