Pipeline construction work

When it comes to executing pipeline installation jobs, there’s no time to think about anything but the task at hand. Every second counts – something Vermeer understands, with its next generation D550 horizontal directional drill (HDD) and R600T reclaimer built to deliver mobility, productivity, efficiency and optimal performance. 

Streamlined productivity with the D550 HDD

The design of a directional drill should enable quick site preparation, and Vermeer’s D550 drill does just that, minimising the number of truckloads and additional equipment to the project and making set up quick

The track-mounted D550 drill is self-contained, removing the need for a trailered rig and, weighing in at less than 46,000kg, is light for its size and capability.

Project time on sites with challenging ground conditions can also be decreased when using the D550 with its class-leading 135,581.8Nm of rotational torque, 600hp CAT C18 engine and 550,00lb of thrust/pullback – a tremendous amount for its size. This allows the reamer to be sized up quicker and minimises reamer passes before it’s time to swab the hole and pull back. Productivity is further enhanced with its 10.2cm fluid course through the head-shaft and mud swivel, allowing up to 1,000 gallons per minute (GPM) of fluid to be pumped downhole while maintaining low pressure.

With more projects required to stick to strict sound limits in residential and urban environments, the D550’s 111 dB(A) sound power helps maintain a quiet jobsite environment and, in some instances, eliminates the need to erect sound barriers.

The D550 also allows for flexible product handling – its enclosed three-cylinder vise can be positioned close to the carriage for optimal casing handling, or moved up and down the rack as needed when making/breaking tooling connections. It has an impressive carriage speed of up to 100ft/min, meaning cycle times are reduced and more time can be spent drilling.

Tooling life is maximised with the drill’s hydraulic transmission providing peak torque at high rotation speeds (during reaming) while maintaining low system pressures, as well as allowing the operator to slow down the drill speed for precise thrust control and weight-to-bit pressure regulation for optimal cutting action and infinite thrust rotation – compared to previous Vermeer models and other HDD machines on the market.

The drill operator sits in a sound-insulated and comfortable climate-controlled cabin with plenty of room. It is equipped with dual joysticks with touch buttons to control drill functions, and has three different auto-directional drilling modes – rotation, thrust and speed. It also comes with a touchscreen that displays all drilling parameters and important diagnostic information from onboard telematics which makes serviceability quick and easy as issues can be troubleshooted as soon as they arise.

R600T: innovative mobility and fluid management

The R600T is an innovative 600GPM mud recycling system that can pair with maxi rigs pumping between 300600GPM. It has a total fluid capacity of 7,729GL and can process 1,100GL of drilling slurry, for a true cleaning capacity suited for large-scale HDD projects in the 2,271L/min range.

It has great efficiency, having been designed with two 25.4cm desanders and 12.7cm desilters which remove sand and coarse silts prior to the next stage in the cleaning process, resulting in dry solids. 

Furthermore, its engineered manifold provides an efficient flow of processed drilling fluid exiting the hydrocyclone, which helps reduce turbulence or excessive vacuum – for efficient separation of sands and coarse silts.

Having the right equipment and support

Vermeer strives to deliver real impact in a progressing world through the manufacture of high-quality equipment, and the D550 HDD and R600T are no exception to this. 

Drillers demand reliability in equipment and after sales support with service and spare parts. Vermeer Australia, throughout the RDO Equipment network, has 29 dealership locations with over 100 field technicians and spare parts stock, ensuring they’re never too far away from the customer’s site when needed. 

For more information on Vermeer products and services, call 1300 VERMEER or visit www.vermeeraustralia.com.au.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Vermeer. For more information, visit www.vermeeraustralia.com.au.

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