Power and energy projects are often large, complex and multi-discipline, and can take years to plan and complete. Making the case for additional capital investment can also take years to go through funding approval, so it’s imperative that your construction projects are delivered with certainty.

Your customers count on you to deliver new plants and infrastructure, and maintain or upgrade existing facilities, all while optimising scope, cost, schedule and safety. InEight supports this by providing field-tested project management platform to help:

• Create accurate, early-stage estimates and schedules to facilitate the capital planning process, account for cost and schedule risks in real-time, and analyse the impact

• Execute your projects through streamlined construction planning, resulting in greater predictability

• Gain unprecedented visibility into the planning and progress of your work

The bottom line? Over $400 billion worth of construction projects around the world have relied on InEight field-tested project management software, experiencing up to a 25 per cent reduction in planning time, a five to ten per cent reduction in project costs, and a ten per cent reduction in costly rework.

Ready to take a deeper dive? InEight can help get your power and energy projects where they need to go by helping you create solutions that match your needs.

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