As the locating industry develops and customers require more advanced services, there is an increasing need for locators to become smarter and deliver better accuracy and better reporting.

The advent of more competitive GPS/GNSS antennas – such as the EMLID RX and Trimble DA2 – now allows locators the ability to precisely pinpoint position. In addition, easier reporting software like TerraFlow and PointMan as well as some excellent free to use GIS programs like QGIS all help professional locators to offer a higher standard of service to their customers.

To accommodate this shift in technology, the newly released Pathfinder Pro+ V4 now comes standard with a Bluetooth connection that facilitates connection to these low-cost external GPS antennas.

An external antenna opens better flexibility than inbuilt GPS antennas on locators. As most professional
locate companies have both Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and EMF locators, having inbuilt GPS antennas restricts what can be done when mapping and reporting. A separate external GPS antenna allows the operator to move the antenna for example the Pathfinder Pro+ V4 EMF Locator to a ImpulseRadar PinPointR GPR seamlessly.

It is easy to get caught up with marketing and the massive number of features available to the locator professional. Let Access Detection help by giving you the right advice for your needs. Access Detection specialises in pipe and cable locators (EMF), GPR, water leak detection and specialised detection equipment.

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