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The Queensland Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water has appointed a partner to deliver a new digital platform to help rural communities access data about their water use.

The $22.7 million a year Water Information Queensland (WaterIQ) program will create a new platform for rural Queenslanders with better, more timely information and data about their water use and entitlements.

The consortium Adasa Systems and Clade (Simient) are working closely with the department to deliver on the significant investment being made in the WaterIQ project.

Rural water users will be able to input water meter readings via an app, streamlining the current process creating greater efficiencies.

Entitlement holders will also be able to readily access their water entitlement information, and potentially, related water market information.

Queensland Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing and Minister for Water, Glenn Butcher, said the cloud-based tools will include a customer portal and mobile app.

“Water is the lifeblood in rural and regional Queensland, so it’s important we do what we can to make access to important information as easy as we can,” Mr Butcher said.

“Everything these days has been modernised to be at the click of a button, so this is just in line with the direction the industry is going.

“Better information about our water use will help stimulate economic development in regional communities, enabling businesses to thrive, diversify, expand and ensure our precious water resources are managed sustainably, protecting our unique environment.”

Mr Butcher said the Queensland water department is investing in technology and digital solutions to ensure customers and the community have better access to accurate and timely water information and services.

“These projects will harness existing data from a range of sources and make it easier for water users to provide information about their water usage. 

“The work also includes the development of platforms that allow water users and regulators to access timely water data, water services and general water-related information.”

An internal, departmental staff tool is also being developed to support the customer facing tools and progressively replace out-dated processes, reduce red tape and shift compliance data and activities to more efficient, online processes for water users across Queensland. 

WaterIQ is part of Rural Water Futures, a program which is driving more transparent and sustainable water resource management in Queensland, through the delivery of better systems, policies and processes.

Federal Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, said the partner announcement and WaterIQ products are key for users who expect information to be available at their fingertips, through cloud-based tools today. 

“Bringing this data together and creating opportunities for water users and government staff to get timely information that helps them on a daily basis is what government should be doing – making information transparently available and helping all stakeholders make informed decisions,” Ms Plibersek said.    

Clade (Simient) is an Australian company with Brisbane-based staff specialising in helping customers drive better outcomes with Microsoft technology.

Adasa Systems is a global leader in the water industry. Operating in Australia since 2011, Adasa Systems has delivered transformative solutions to many large rural water businesses and government agencies across Australia. 

The WaterIQ app and customer web portal will begin user trials in late 2022.

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