A new digital metering program will be rolled out on behalf of Coliban Water for the Victorian town of Rochester in an effort to improve water security and achieve greater network efficiency for customers.

Manager Infrastructure, Corey Bourne, said Rochester would be the first town in 2019 to have the digital technology installed as part of Stage Two works.

“This will involve installing a digital device, known as a data logger, on existing customer water meters. A data logger can record the volume of water consumption at the water meter and it will transmit this data to a central database for billing purposes and network analysis,” Mr Bourne said.

“This is an innovative way we can identify cost savings and network efficiencies for our customers through the timely identification of leaks in our network and at customer properties.

“We will primarily use the data loggers for customer billing. They can also provide us with a better understanding of customers’ water usage and play a role in reducing water wastage.”

Digital technology for water meters is already being used by other water corporations in Australia and has been successfully trialled on commercial customer meters in the Coliban region.

Mr Bourne said data loggers are battery-operated and transmit data through a signal every hour that is lower than that of a text message sent from a mobile phone.

The data logger spends the majority of its time in ‘sleep’ mode and is typically on for less than half a second each hour.

“Data loggers also reduce the health and safety risks faced by meter readers when they enter customers’ properties,” Mr Bourne said.

Coliban Water’s program to install data loggers commenced in March 2018 with Stage One in Trentham, Wedderburn, Korong Vale, Wychitella, Mysia and Borung.

“We’re excited to now be delivering this project for customers in Rochester,” Mr Bourne said.

“Our contractors, Ventia, will be starting installation on customer meters in Rochester over a

two-month period beginning Monday 24 June 2019.”

Customers do not need to be home at the time of installation, which will take up to 30 minutes to complete.

The digital metering program will involve four stages over a six-year period.

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