Digital Utilities 2018 is the premier event for anyone working with or for utilities, and grappling with the momentous impacts that digital technologies are having on the industry.

The digitisation of utilities is the greatest challenge currently facing the sector, and there is still much work to do to modernise existing networks, work practices and ways of interacting with customers.

However, digitisation is also an area of great excitement and opportunity for those utilities that are willing to be brave, and step boldly into a new paradigm.

At Digital Utilities 2018, delegates will hear from the industry’s leaders – those who are taking the action required to turn their organisations into modern, dynamic utilities, equipped to provide customers with the services they expect, at the times they demand, and at a price they are prepared to pay.

The utilities sector hasn’t seen a shift this monumental in more than 100 years. The best way to ensure your organisation moves with the times, and establishes itself as a utility the modern consumer wants to do business with, is to learn from the best at Digital Utilities.

A world-class lineup of speakers

The team from Utility magazine is creating a program of experts from the industry – both here in Australia and internationally – to deliver a high-quality program, synonymous with the high-quality content that readers have come to expect from Utility magazine.

Day one of the program will run as a plenary session, with a single program of speakers, networking sessions and panels to provide an overview of the current state of utility digitisation in Australia.

The international keynote presentation will be delivered by an international utility Chief Information Officer who has significant experience adapting networks to new and evolving digital technologies. This keynote speaker will outline some of the changes currently underway within their organisation, and provide valuable lessons Australian utilities can take on board in their own
digital transformation journeys.

This will be followed by our domestic keynote speaker, Stuart Hartley, EY’s Sector Leader for Power and Utilities in the Asia Pacific Region. Stuart’s presentation will focus on providing a general overview of the digitisation of the utility sector in Australia, what we have achieved so far, what has been done well and where the areas for improvement are.

Other highlights from day one of the program include a CEO panel, which will feature CEOs from Australian water and energy utilities discussing and debating the critical issues they are facing when it comes to the rapid digitisation of their organisations; and a speed networking session, where delegates will be given the formal opportunity to meet at least ten other professionals working in the same industry to compare notes, share ideas and search for new opportunities to collaborate.

On day two of the conference, the presentations will be divided into four streams:

  • Using digital technologies to improve customer relationships
  • The role of renewables in our digital future
  • Achieving cyber security resilience in a digital environment
  • Modernising the network for the digital age

Allowing delegates to participate in focused sessions will expand their learning in, and understanding of, specific areas of interest that form a part of the digitisation journey.

Gala dinner and awards

At the end of the first day of Digital Utilities 2018 there will be a Gala Dinner and Awards evening where the inaugural Digital Utility Awards will be handed out.
At the utility industry’s “night of nights”, awards will be handed out in the following four categories:

  • Digital Utility of the Year
  • Utility Innovator of the Year
  • Best Use of New Technology
  • Best Customer Innovation

Winning a Digital Utility Award means you will be nationally recognised as a leader within your utility field of expertise. Applying for the awards give you the chance to stand out and showcase your expertise to the best of the utility industry. All nominations will be judged by a panel of industry experts, who will be announced shortly.

To submit your application for a Digital Utility Award, head to

Why you can’t afford to miss digital utilities

The utilities sector is providing services to consumers who increasingly expect more value for their money, in a market that is changing with the introduction of new technologies, while facing threats from agile start-ups keen to operate in their space.

Most of today’s utilities professionals understand that digitisation is the way forward for the sector – the difficulty lies in how to actually execute these digital strategies.

It’s a heady mix of factors that need to be taken into consideration, and the consequences of misstep – whether in terms of technology investment, strategic positioning or network management – can be huge.

As the publishers of Utility magazine and the organisers of Digital Utilities, we have an intimate understanding of these challenges, and have designed this event specifically to help organisations best direct their effort and investment when it comes to the digital landscape.

Digital Utilities has been created using the unique Monkey Media events philosophy. Having already established a reputation for delivering the best magazines in the industries we publish for, including Utility and Infrastructure, our events build on the magazines and bring the best parts about them – thought-leading content, insightful news and developments and opinion pieces
from the industry’s best – to life.

Our events provide professionals with unique opportunities to learn from experts within their field, and enhance their connections with other professionals and organisations that are working towards similar goals.

Our focus is on providing the best content and the most valuable networking opportunities which are services the industry can benefit from. We only organise events in the industries we are already active in, and we offer generous discounts on ticket prices to qualified utility professionals who will genuinely benefit from attending our events.

Digital Utilities is an event not to be missed by professionals working at all levels within the utilities industry. From Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors and utility board members, to Chief Information Officers and their teams, all the way through to Heads of Innovation and New Technologies, and Technology Developers, there is much to be learned. Digital Utilities will give you a new perspective on the challenges associated with our rapidly digitising industry – make sure your business isn’t the one left behind.

To register your interest or to apply for advance tickets, visit

Charlotte Pordage is Editor of Utility magazine, a position she has held since November 2018. She joined the team as an Associate Editor in October 2017, after sharpening her writing and editing skills across a range of print and digital publications. Charlotte graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, in 2011 with joint honours in English and Latin. When she's not putting together Australia's only dedicated utility magazine, she can usually be found riding her horse or curled up with a good book.

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