Itron’s Director of Water – Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island, Bruce Kain, has shared his insights on the challenges facing the utility industry and the work Itron is doing to help Australia reach a better, more sustainable water future.

Mr Kain said that he has been working in the utility industry for the best part of fourteen years in various roles and companies.

“I’m currently managing the Itron water business across the region, working with our customers and partners to find new and innovative ways to manage water in the region that has some big challenges,” Mr Kain said. 

“Itron has a team strategically placed all over Australia, with major offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and a Water Centre of Excellence in Adelaide. We’re lucky to have a great balance of local industry experts with the backing of global organisation, headquartered in the US.

“We are a technology company, with over 8,000 customers in 100 different countries around the world. Itron is a proven global leader in energy, water, smart city, IIoT and intelligent infrastructure services.” 

What are the biggest challenges you see the for the water industry today? 

“Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth, increasingly vulnerable to droughts and climate change is causing lower rainfall. When this happens, our rivers are drying up and dam levels falling. Pair this with one of the world’s highest consumers of water, it makes it very difficult for utilities to manage.”

“With the environmental focus at the core, juggling significant changes to environmental legislation & community obligation to drive these efficiencies, utilities are also face changing customer expectations, which are more dynamic than ever. We live in a generation where we expect instant information. This is putting pressure on the utilities to embrace new technologies, find different ways of engaging with their customers and the communities they serve. “

“Whilst we’re a country with huge challenges, inherently, this comes tremendous opportunity. A shift in thinking and investment in non-conventional water sources, such as de-salination & re-claimed water. The willingness to innovate and collaborate as an industry has never been stronger or more exciting and utilities, through digital transformation, are embracing technology and thinking a little bit differently.” 

How do you see Itron helping water utilities with these challenges? 

Mr Kain said that Itron is a builder of innovative solutions, specifically for utilities and councils.

“Our water solutions are built to support water use cases and real industry challenges. Itron invests a substantial amount in research and development global to ensure we are influencing and shaping the future and to protect our most precious resources. Itron solutions are designed to create efficiencies, connect communities, encourage conservation, and increase resourcefulness for our customers and future generations.

“Our portfolio includes intelligent networks, software, services, meters, and sensors to provide greater visibility and more control of water delivery systems.”

“In Australia, we have been delivering proven results with water utilities and councils for the past 25 years and are looking forward to the next 25.” 

Why do you choose to work in the utility industry? 

Mr Kain said that its people and its common purpose are what make this industry truly special.

“The utilities and councils, our partners, colleagues, and other vendors are all working towards the same goal. The industry is embracing collaboration and is littered with genuinely great people doing really impressive things.”  

“Personally, I feel like I have a role to play. I’ve been fortunate enough to live and work all over the world and am incredibly lucky to live and raise a family in the most amazing country. I’m really driven to do my bit to ensure we find different ways manage our resources to ensure that their kids have the same access that we do, for many generations to come.” 

How can we ‘our bit’ to contribute to a more sustainable water future? 

“I love the quote from chef Anne-Marie Bonneau, ‘We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

“The same principle is true for managing water and energy. If we find a way to get millions of people doing little things consistently, they become a big thing.” 

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