Power and Water Corporation is set to begin an intensive maintenance and upgrade program across its electricity network.

Poles, wires, transformers and substations all benefit from this program each year between May and September due to the dry season.

Power and Water Power Networks General Manager, John Greenwood said providing a more reliable service is the key factor in these maintenance works.

“Major maintenance is difficult during the wet season due to severe storm and lightning activity and because the demand on the electricity network is higher during this time.

“This year’s major electrical works is the final stage of the Hudson Creek switchyard upgrade, which includes the replacement of the current protection relays and completion of the switchyard reconfiguration. The protective relay is designed to trip a circuit breaker when a fault occurs and protect the system.

“Darwin residents may recall six circuit breakers have been replaced at the Hudson Creek switchyard the over the past two dry seasons.

“As with the circuit breaker replacements, the protection relay replacement is intense work that carries an element of risk to the power distribution network, however we will do all we can to protect against power interruptions during the works program.

“The dry season offers the opportunity needed to safely complete a wide range of significant maintenance jobs and equipment upgrades,” Mr Greenwood said.

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