The Link-Seal pipe penetration sealing system has been used extensively in Sydney’s largest redevelopment project at Barangaroo, which is one of the world’s most sustainable commercial, residential, retail and leisure precincts.

Link-Seal mechanical seals were specified and installed to instantly and efficiently seal the annular space around critical pipe penetrations passing through walls, floors and ceilings.

Link-Seals have been utilised across Barangaroo for the seawater system, numerous rainwater tanks and sewage wastes.

The sewer mining and outfall penetrations located in the basements of Barangaroo have been sealed with Link-Seal model “O” designed for PVC and HDPE pipes.

This type of Link-Seal is suitable for highly corrosive environments and is resistant to oils, fuel and many solvents such as methane and hydraulic fluid.

For the seawater pipe penetration, the stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers were replaced with special grade “SAF 2507” Super Duplex nuts, bolts and washers.

This has enabled the Link-Seal to be immersed in seawater and exposed to UV in regular cycles.

Finally, Link-Seal Model “S”, with stainless steel fittings, was installed in combination with the Century-Line Sleeves to achieve a long-life seal around the copper pipes passing through the walls of the rainwater tanks located on multiple levels of the three iconic skyscrapers, International Towers Sydney.

Unlike grouts, sealants or epoxies, Link-Seal creates an instant seal and does not shrink or require ongoing maintenance. Available in different compounds and sizes, it can withstand a wide range of chemicals and is suitable for most types of pipe.

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