APPEA and APGA have recently submitted their Issue Papers to the ACCC East Coast Gas inquiry.

APGA has said that Australia’s gas transmission industry had delivered the investment that created the interconnected east coast gas grid and was continuing to respond to market requirements, delivering new investment and services in response to structural changes under way.

While the size and composition of the eastern Australian gas market was not highly conducive to competition, said APGA, the level of competition in the gas transmission market was increasing as interconnectivity increased. Furthermore, the access regime was providing an effective constraint on pipeline owner behaviour and achieving its purpose of replicating outcomes of competitive markets.

APPEA has said that Australia’s abundant natural gas resources mean Australia is well placed to contribute to global energy security and to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The industry also creates significant wealth for Australia, employing many Australians, underpinning the revenue of governments and generating valuable export revenue.

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