The eCityJet delivers the future into your hands. This fully electric technology offers emission-free operation without compromising on performance for cleaning pipes with diameters of up to 350mm.

It is the world’s first high-pressure sewer jetting machine fully powered by a high energy density lithiumion battery. The eCityJet offers users several key advantages.

With zero emissions, this technology is ideal for closed or partially closed spaces with limited ventilation, protecting employee health and safety.

This machine’s small environment footprint is essential in a day andage where clients are looking for environmentally friendly options.

Weighing approximately 690kg, the machine is only a little larger than the conventional diesel CityJet and is suitable for most mid-sized commercial vans.

Capable of performing up to six unblocking operations before recharge, the batteries have been specially designed to balance size and weight, while maximising energy output.

A core requirement of the design was to make sure the power was on par with the diesel model – this goal was achieved with the eCityJet offering 200bar/60LPM.

With many operations taking place in urban areas, minimising disruption to the community is a top priority. This model is far quieter than the diesel CityJet, meeting noise regulations where work takes place near the public.

The unit can be installed in an electricor hybrid vehicle, offering diverse options to meet the needs of all its Australian operators.

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