ElectraNet is developing a three year program of small scale projects designed to improve the capability of the transmission network in locations most important to determining spot prices and at the times most valued by users, commencing in 2015-16.

These projects are contained within a Network Capability Incentive Parameter Action Plan developed under the Service Target Performance Incentive Scheme that applies to transmission network businesses. Under the Scheme, transmission businesses receive incentive for funding low cost works to improve the utilisation of electricity network and release additional capacity to the benefit of electricity consumers.

The projects improve network capability by deferring major investment or reducing congestion. Based on ElectraNet’s analysis, a number of proposals have been developed to improve network capability, including transmission line uprating works in several areas and minor plant limit fixes.

Prior to submitting the plan to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) for formal approval under the Rules, ElectraNet and AEMO invite comment from stakeholders on the priority projects that have been identified in the plan.

Written comments on the plan may be emailed to ElectraNet.

View the draft plan and accompanying network capability proposal fact sheet.

ElectraNet will also be holding a round table for interested stakeholders to discuss key aspects of the plan.

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