Electrofusion welding is one of the most popular methods of joining HDPE/poly pipes. Electrofusion welders supply electrical energy to heat the embedded coil in various sizes and types of fittings, causing the pipe and fitting to fuse together.

Caldertech has been manufacturing industry-leading electrofusion welders for over 30 years.

Manufactured in the UK to this day, its welders are synonymous with uncompromising quality and performance. Caldertech’s electrofusion welders are designed to work with all brands of fittings across all sizes from 16mm to 1,000mm.

The units use the latest technology to make the welding process as automated and efficient as possible, featuring automatic fitting recognition, voltage sensing, barcode scanning and manual input options.

The high manufacturing standards and materials used in every Caldertech electrofusion welder guarantee performance every time even in the toughest environments.

Quality assurance and traceability are fundamental parts of any compliance requirement and will most likely be expected by the asset or project owner for any electrofusion joint carried out.

Caldertech’s electrofusion welders make this easy – featuring data logging and CalderSafe® mobile technology, real-time weld data can be analysed and even approved remotely, as weld parameters are captured for quality verification, traceability and record keeping.

Like with any piece of equipment, owning a quality product is just the beginning. With manufacturing at the core of the company for over three decades, you can be certain that any repair or technical enquiries will be dealt directly with specialists that know the equipment and are committed to delivering support when you need it.

This partner content is brought to you by Caldertech Australia. To learn more about Caldertech’s electrofusion welders and other tooling to help you successfully install electrofusion fittings without failure, visit

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