Open trenches, broken pits and displaced manhole covers are all potential dangerous trip and fall hazards. Regardless of whether they are situated in public places or around a construction site, these open holes and trenches can potentially be a dangerous hazard for pedestrians and workers.

For instance, in public places including on the footpath or nature strip, there are many utility pits and manholes that have been installed by telecoms, power, water and other utility companies.

At times, due to ongoing civil works, repairs, upgrades or general works, pit covers need to be replaced. If left in state of disrepair or if the works are ongoing, these open pits/holes can be a serious hazard.

In addition, pit covers which are near or that are located on the footpath, may develop exposed or raised edges, creating additional trip hazards.

Furthermore, on construction sites, there are many trenches and holes that are excavated in order to install various utilities and infrastructure services.

If left open for extended periods of time, especially around high traffic areas, these can also be a dangerous hazard for workers around the construction site.

Therefore in these instances, it is extremely important to cover trenches, damaged pits, raised pit covers and damaged manhole covers, with a sturdy, durable and non-slip cover.

The WB Safety trench cover has been designed to cover these dangerous trip and fall hazards.

The WB Safety cover can be used as trench cover, pit cover, footway board, etc. as a temporary or semi-permanent installation.

The safety trench cover is available in two sizes:

  • 1200mm x 800mm – suitable for pits/trenches up to 700mm wide
  • 1600mm x 1200mm – suitable for pits/trenches up to 900mm wide

These versatile safety covers are exceptionally rigid in construction, yet lightweight. The sturdy glass reinforced composite trench cover maintains performance in the most demanding situations.

Designed primarily for use in street works or construction, the safety covers are made from a single piece of glass reinforced composite and it can support a distributed weight of up to two tonnes.

Therefore, potential trip and fall hazards on the street, footpath and construction site, can all be reduced or eliminated with the WB safety trench cover.

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