Nucleus3 and GreenBe, leading providers in digital transformation, have joined forces to drive sustainable solutions for utilities and government sectors. This game-changing partnership will empower utilities in achieving their sustainability goals through IoT enabled digital technologies.  

Combining expertise means: 

  • Nucleus3: Drives strategic enablement and delivers solutions that is tailored to real-world cases, while simplifying and leveraging premium technology product lines to drive successful digital transformation
  • GreenBe: Offers an award-winning digital customer engagement platform, proven to reduce water usage by 22 per cent whilst increasing community education and awareness

The N360 Advantage

The Nucleus3 ‘N360 model’ is revolutionary in its approach, customising an end-to-end ecosystem, with integrated industry-leading partners. This bundled offering will eliminate the need for customers to choose and merge various clunky processes – which simplifies transformation and optimises outcomes. 

This united front means Nucleus3 and GreenBe will now own and manage over 400,000 customer endpoints in Australia, making them the largest provider of end-to-end services in the mid-tier water utilities market. This along with delivering their premium services based on the ‘interactive user-experience’, their forces empower customers and government sectors to forge towards a sustainable future. 

Nucleus3 Chief Commercial Officer, Tina Le, said, “Joining forces will strengthen our ability to deliver impactful digital transformation that drives real-world results for utilities, governments and communities.”

GreenBe CTO, David Catalovski, said that GreenBe is the industry-leading solution built with utilities, for utilities.

“We make deploying a digital customer engagement portal for a mobile-first world easy and seamless.”

Contact Nucleus3 and GreenBe to learn more about how they can help your organisation achieve its sustainability goals, at and/or

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Nucleus3 and GreenBe.

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