The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) has published the 2019 Performance Audit and Asset Management System Review and the Post Audit Implementation Plan for EDWF Holdings 1 Pty Ltd and EDWF Holdings 2 Pty Ltd’s (trading as Emu Downs Wind Farm Joint Venture) electricity generation licence EGL1.

Emu Downs is equally owned by EDWF Holdings 1 Pty Ltd and EDFW Holdings 2 Pty Ltd, which are owned by the APA Group.

Emu Downs is located approximately 200km north of Perth and includes the Emu Downs Wind Farm, with a total capacity of 79.2MW, and the Emu Downs Solar Farm, with a total capacity of 20MW. The power generated is exported to the South West Interconnected System.

The ERA’s decision

The audit and review report showed that Emu Downs has achieved a high level of compliance with the conditions of its licence and has an effective asset management system.

The ERA has decided to increase the audit and review period from 48 months to 60 months. The next audit and review will cover the period 1 July 2019 – 30 June 2024, with the report due by 30 September 2024.

Audit ratings

The auditor assessed 38 licence obligations applicable to Emu Downs’ licence and found:

• 11 were rated A1 (adequate controls, compliant)
• Two were rated B2 (generally adequate controls, minor non-compliance)
• Three were rated A/NR (adequate controls, not rated because no relevant activity took place during the audit period)
• One was rated NP/1 (controls assessment not performed, compliant)
• 21 were rated NP/NR (controls assessment not performed, not rated because no relevant activity took place during the audit period)

The audit identified two administrative non-compliances concerning late payments to the ERA (one annual licence fee and two quarterly standing charge payments) and failing to include the late payment of the 2015 standing charge data in the 2016 compliance report.

Audit recommendations

The auditor made two recommendations to address the non-compliances. The Post Audit Implementation Plan states that Emu Downs will address the audit recommendations between November 2019 and June 2020.

Review ratings

The assessment of the 12 asset management components prescribed in the ERA’s 2019 Audit and Review Guidelines: Electricity and Gas Licences found that all components were performed effectively and rated A1 (adequately defined, performed effectively).

Review recommendations

The auditor made no recommendations following the 2019 review. As the auditor did not make any recommendations, Emu Downs did not provide a post-review implementation plan.

Siobhan Day is the Assistant Editor of Utility magazine and Pump Industry magazine, and has been part of the team since early 2019. With a background in management in the non-profit sector, Siobhan has extensive experience in communications, professional writing and client management. She holds a Bachelor of Business and Communications and is currently completing a postgraduate degree.


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