Endeavour Energy has launched its new PowerSavers app, designed to assist its customers in reducing their electricity bills.

Endeavour Energy General Manager Strategy and Insights, Leanne Pickering, said, “We have partnered with local councils in our network area to help residents access our free AtHomeSaver program.

“With so many people spending more time at home due to COVID-19, we want to play our part in helping customers better manage their energy use.”

Ms Pickering said AtHomeSaver, which is part of Endeavour Energy’s PowerSavers suite, was designed to assist people with keeping their electricity bills in check and reward them for their efforts.

“It includes a variety of challenges designed to save costs with coaching tips, polls and quizzes to help customers understand their electricity usage and learn how to reduce energy consumption to save money.

“Knowing when and how you use electricity is the first step to reducing your electricity bill. By making small changes some customers could save hundreds of dollars each year.”

Ms Pickering said the program included a reward system in the form of either a digital gift card or donation to a charity.

“The program is also designed to reduce overall energy consumption and energy wastage at home, while still meeting customers’ needs for convenience and comfort. 

“This means we can potentially delay the costs of expensive electricity infrastructure, which adds costs to every customer’s electricity bill.

“It’s good for our customers, good for the business and good for the planet.” 

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