Unitywater is changing the way its pump stations operate to reduce blockages and save energy.

A new pump and controller partner system, called Flygt Experior™ by Xylem, has been installed at seven of Unitywater’s sewage pump stations and a further 20 locations have been identified to have the system fitted.

Thirty-four additional sites have been proposed to have the controller fitted only.

The advanced system pumps at the most efficient speed and times, to pump the most sewage using the least amount of energy.

A trial undertaken at a Bli Bli pump station resulted in a 57% energy saving compared to the original pumping equipment.

Unitywater Executive Manager Infrastructure Services Glen Babington said the system also detects blockages before they become an issue.

“The controller detects a blockage and the design of the pump allows it to pump backwards and reverse blockages,” Mr Babington said.

“Fewer blockages equal fewer call-outs so this equipment helps reduce call-out costs and electricity costs.

“These savings help us proactively look at keeping bills as low as possible for our customers.”

Factors considered for stations to receive the energy-efficient pump upgrade include:

  • Pump size,
  • Pump age,
  • Historic flow variation, and
  • Blockage rate.

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