National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), CSIRO, Australian Hydrogen Council and Future Fuels CRC have collaborated to create HyResource – the new single source of information on key hydrogen-related organisations, policies and projects in Australia.

HyResource acts as a reliable source of information that can be accessed by all stakeholders involved in the development of Australia’s hydrogen industry.  

HyResource is tracking around 80 projects, including large-scale, demonstration and pilot facilities and proposals, as well as research and development activities arising from major funding programs. 

David Norman, CEO of Future Fuels CRC, said, “HyResource shows the strength and breadth of the hydrogen industry already developing in Australia and New Zealand. 

“To now have a single, reliable source for sharing project information will help participants share their knowledge, help investors understand the market and help the public learn about the industry that is now growing to deliver their future energy needs.” 

Dr Patrick Hartley, Leader of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission, said, “Knowledge sharing efforts like HyResource are critical in promoting Australia’s hydrogen industry developments both nationally and internationally. 

“As the first module of our Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, HyResource will help reduce search costs, highlight hydrogen technology options and promote industry and government opportunities to help accelerate the development of Australia’s clean hydrogen industry.” 

Miranda Taylor, NERA CEO, said, “The HyResource platform will be an invaluable resource both for Australia and the world, providing a one-stop-shop source of intelligence on the developments and opportunities for investment and innovation in hydrogen projects that can deliver the greatest environmental and economic benefits for Australia.

“We know that hydrogen can become an enabler for Australia to decarbonise industries and help manage uptake of renewables, support higher value processing and manufacturing industries, and export both energy and the enabling technologies to the world.

“As the industry growth centre for energy resources, NERA is proud to collaborate with CSIRO, the Australian Hydrogen Council and Future Fuels CRC to develop the HyResource portal and ensure Australia is positioned to fully maximise the opportunities hydrogen presents for our country and its transition to a lower carbon energy future.”

Fiona Simon, CEO of the Australian Hydrogen Council, said, “The Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) is proud to work alongside the CSIRO, Future Fuels CRC and NERA to develop HyResource, a hydrogen information resource that will enhance collaboration across the hydrogen industry. 

“AHC members are spearheading innovative projects that will revolutionise how we produce and use energy for generations to come. 

“We know that knowledge sharing and partnerships are essential to develop these projects, grow the global hydrogen industry, and meet Australia’s own goal to be a major hydrogen exporter and get to ‘H2 under 2’. 

“Australia needs to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity provided by hydrogen to transform the economy. HyResource is a one-stop-shop that will enable interested stakeholders to keep up with the pace at which new hydrogen projects are announced and the various policy settings that exist in each jurisdiction.”

HyResource is available here.

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