The Board of the Energy Pipelines Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer, who will take over the role from Professor Valerie Linton.

David Norman was selected as the new CEO and Professor Linton will remain in a consultative role on select projects to ensure the ongoing success and value of these projects for the Australian pipeline industry.

Mr Norman brings to the role experience in the international oil and gas industry, having previously worked for Royal Dutch Shell for over 21 years in a number of commercial, managerial and technical roles, both in Australia and internationally.

Mr Norman’s most recent role was the General Manager of LNG for Transport, delivering a new fuel for the trucking, marine and mining industries using locally sourced natural gas as a substitute for existing diesel fuel.

Prior to this position, Mr Norman was the Business Development and Strategy Manager at Shell Downstream Australia, leading a cross business team focused on analysing, planning and delivering future growth developments for Shell from a market, industry and customer perspective.

“I am delighted to have joined the Energy Pipelines CRC as CEO. I look forward to working closely with stakeholders and leading this organisation through the next phase of its vision,” Mr Norman said.

Energy Pipelines CRC Chairman Charles Rottier recognised the contributions of outgoing CEO Valerie Linton to the development and strength of the organisation.

“Valerie is leaving the CRC in very good shape. The Business Plan that details the dual aims of establishing a new CRC as well as establishing additional streams of research funded by both industry and targeted grant funds, has been approved by the Board and is supported by the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association,” Mr Rottier said.

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