Change happens gradually, until one day it happens suddenly. The way we store and deliver power is undergoing change and disruption.

Will this future happen before there is time to think strategically  and develop plans? Is our grid ready for largest scale addition of aggregated distributed energy?

Would earlier adoption and integration of EV’s to the grid be less disruptive? What can be learned from other industries where sudden change happened?

Find the answers and more during the day one panel discussion: ‘Disruption Driving the New Energy Grid’ at the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, 1 – 2 June 2016, Australian Technology Park, Sydney, Australia.

Simon Hackett, Executive Chairman, Redflow and James Myatt, CEO and Co-Founder, Mojo Power, are the “new disruptors”, challenging the traditional ways with innovative products and new ways to deliver services.

As Australia’s newest energy retailer, Mojo Power, has the potential to accelerate the growth of Australia’s energy battery storage industry through a fixed cost and charges model as consumers look for more value from their rooftops. Hear their definitive views of a future with energy storage.

Kobad Bhavnagri, Head of Australia, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and Mark Higgins, Chief Operating Officer, Strategen and Senior Advisor to California Energy Storage Alliance, are new energy thought leaders. 

Kobad is based in Sydney and has a strong understanding of Australia’s role in energy storage and Mark is based in the Californian hub of emerging companies and international investment.

Questions will be invited from the audience, and this debate will set the scene for this two dayaction packed event.

Be where the future is happening, and join those who are designing their elements of the New Energy Grid.

This partner content was brought to you by 2016 Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition.

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