EnergyAustralia has said it will commit to the Queensland government’s Affordable Energy Pledge which aims to tackle the challenge of electricity bills.

EnergyAustralia Chief Customer Officer, Kim Clarke, said the energy retailer will put its name to the pledge.

“We will always pass on government subsidies to customers and help vulnerable customers get the support to which they’re entitled. And we’ll work with the Queensland Government, its generators and regulators to take the pressure off household energy bills,” Ms Clarke said.

“We think investments in new generation will mean wholesale electricity prices will begin to ease in the National Electricity Market after 2019. We also know customers need support now.”

Ms Clarke said the company will invest an additional $10 million to expand its national hardship program.

It has also launched a new product called Secure Saver which guarantees eligible households no electricity price rises for two years.

“While supporting vulnerable customers and products like Secure Saver can play an important role in a comprehensive answer to energy affordability, they’re not a long-term fix on their own. A lasting solution requires significant investment in new electricity supply and for all of industry and state and federal governments to work together,” Ms Clarke said.

“The reality is a lack of careful planning and thoughtful policy over the past decade has largely led to a doubling of electricity bills and reduced system reliability. We simply must not lose sight of the critical need for stable, national energy policy.

“Everyone agrees there’s urgent need to support households and businesses at a time of record electricity prices. The question isn’t whether the industry and government should work together – it’s how.” 

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