Trenchless technology has always been about innovation and reliability, developing machines that can adapt to the challenges of different sites while minimising disruptions to the surrounding environment. For Vermeer Australia, this culture of innovation and flexibility applies beyond the equipment itself, and extends to support services provided to trenchless contractors to ensure they can access the highest-quality equipment on the market.

Finance options for every circumstance

Vermeer has partnered with De Lage Landen (DLL), a global provider of leasing and finance solutions, to provide flexible financing solutions and assist in keeping capital costs down. 

These finance solutions can adapt to the needs of a business, with both leasing and purchasing options available. Vermeer works with businesses to gain a deep understanding of their business plan and long term goals to recommend the best option.

Leasing allows businesses to budget equipment costs over a specified term, rather than splashing out a lump sum upfront. It’s a great way to avoid upfront costs, for short-term flexibility for businesses moving from project to project.

Purchasing may be a better option to ensure stability for ongoing projects, and allow for more certainty when planning ahead, as some lease contracts can have conditions on availability.

Rent to buy

Vermeer’s rent to buy option gives business owners the short-term flexibility benefits of a leased machine, alongside the long-term stability benefits of a purchase. 

This scheme allows businesses to pay off the machine gradually, avoiding upfront costs, with the long-term benefit of eventual ownership. Instead of hiring and then returning the equipment, it allows businesses to control an asset while paying rent, and working up to full ownership. 

Rent to buy provides the flexibility of hiring equipment (like lower maintenance costs) with the promise of full ownership of the asset at the end of the lease period. It has the added benefit of allowing businesses to gauge earning potential before investing in the long term.

Unparalleled ongoing service support

Vermeer offers ongoing service support to ensure the long-term productivity and efficiency of equipment. Equipment parts are manufactured to exact specifications, and after hours support is available at any of Vermeer’s specialist parts centres, which cover the entire east side of Australia.

An extensive network of branches and service fleets are strategically located, ready to help businesses wherever they are located. Teams of factory-certified workers, including heavy diesel fitters and motor mechanics, are dedicated to preventative maintenance, so machines can continue to exceed expected productivity outcomes.

Service includes mobile maintenance in select areas, so equipment can be inspected and services on premises or job sites.

With a reputation for convenient scheduling and quick repairs, services focuses on minimising equipment downtime, getting projects back on track as soon as possible.

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