Florence Falls, NT

Jacana Energy is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the supply of up to 100MW of renewable energy for the Darwin-Katherine region.

The proposed investment will contribute as much as 15 per cent towards the Northern Territory Government’s renewable energy target of 50 per cent by 2030 – enough renewable energy to power 21,000 homes in one year.

A point of difference with this EOI is that proponents are being asked to consider connecting at specific locations within the greater Darwin area that are consistent with the location of the Northern Territory Government’s Renewable Energy Hub.

The EOI is the first step in a comprehensive process to procure and safely connect and commission more large-scale renewable energy closer to Darwin.

The government said ongoing investment in renewable energy infrastructure is vital to achieving renewable energy targets, and projects such as the EOI and the Renewable Energy Hub aim to increase the amount of renewable energy supplied to Territorians.

The government also said that a project of this scale is likely to attract more than $200 million in additional investment to the Territory, while creating a further 150 jobs during the height of construction.

Once the procurement process is complete, Territorians could expect renewable energy from these solar farms to be generated from approximately 2027.

The EOI will open on 22 August 2023, with submissions required by 26 September 2023.

Northern Territory Acting Minister for Renewables, Eva Lawle, said, “Our Territory Labor Government is dedicated to creating and sourcing new, permanent, and long term renewable energy.

“We have always said sustainability is at the core of what we do, and this EOI for 100MW of renewable energy will take the Territory to the next level.

“Jumpstarting the procurement process now ensures that we will be able to make an investment that supports the delivery of renewable energy well before 2030”.

Jacana Energy Chief Executive Officer, Louisa Kinnear, said, “Our customers want clean, affordable energy. Kicking off a procurement process now ensures that we will be able to make an investment decision that supports the delivery of renewable energy well before 2030.”

“The addition of more large-scale solar is a major part of the Darwin-Katherine Electricity System Plan and our EOI is designed to procure renewable energy in way that aligns with this plan.”

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