Expressions of Interest are invited from organisations for the operation and maintenance of Hunter Water Corporation’s water and wastewater treatment plants

Hunter Water delivers water and wastewater services, including water and wastewater treatment, to over a half million residents in the lower Hunter region of NSW.

Hunter Water’s water and wastewater treatment works have been operated for over ten years under contract by Hunter Water’s wholly owned subsidiary, Hunter Water Australia Pty Limited. Appendix C provides an overview of each of the treatment works.

Hunter Water has chosen to significantly expand on the scope of work under a new long term services contract with the intention of more clearly assigning responsibility for achieving regulatory compliance and empowering the contractor to optimise total operating performance and cost. Competitive bids are to be sought to identify the service provider best suited to deliver the expanded scope with award of the Treatment Operations Contract (Contract CS0341) for a minimum term of eight years beginning 30 June 2014.

The proposed scope of the Treatment Operations Contract includes:
(a) operation and maintenance of six water treatment plants;
(b) operation and maintenance of nineteen wastewater treatment works;
(c) operation and maintenance of one advanced water treatment plant
(d) supply of chemicals;
(e) optimisation of power usage;
(f) bio-solids and residuals management and disposal;
(g) delivery of minor capital works including maintenance related replacements and minor upgrades; and
(h) input to asset management strategies, maintenance planning and capital works planning

Enquiries should be directed to Bob Broadfoot via the online forum

Expressions close at 2:00pm on 18 September 2013.

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