NHP is proud to release wireless access routers to the eWON range, eWON Cosy and eWON Flexy. 

These remote access devices provide superior customer service and can identify and troubleshoot performance issues, in many cases before they occur, as well as increase uptime and improve the productivity of your installations.

The eWON Cosy (communication made easy) is an industrial VPN router designed to offer easy remote access, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field. 

With eWON Cosy, OEMs and system integrators can troubleshoot machines, debug the PLC program, upload projects and gain remote access of an HMI or a drive – all without going on site. This can drastically reduce support costs.

The eWON Flexy is an industrial modular M2M router and data gateway designed for data monitoring, alarming (SMS and email) and data collection, and it provides a low-cost solution for large deployments.

The eWON Flexy can communicate universally with the most varied field equipment. This is increasingly important in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing.

The eWON remote access devices allows you to upgrade easily to new technology and connect to a wide range of industrial devices for seamless communication. 

From utilities, agriculture, water and wastewater to any other plant application that requires fast data acquisition anywhere and anytime, you can ensure you’re ahead of the competition with eWON.

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