by Eric Garcin, Performance and Operational Excellence General Manager, SUEZ

Rapid population growth and climate change are transforming the Australian landscape at an accelerated pace. Water utilities are under enormous pressure to transform their approach to wastewater treatment in the face of increasing energy costs, more stringent environmental discharge limits and an enhanced focus on delivering value for customers.

The pressure is also on governments to transition to net zero energy measures. Australia was among 169 countries to commit to the 2015 Paris Agreement. This, alongside Australia’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, is a key driver for water utilities seeking carbon neutrality by the end of the decade.

SUEZ’s extensive research and development, and global expertise in sustainable wastewater management, has given rise to an innovative solution to this immense challenge: the biofactory concept. 

SUEZ biofactories have successfully employed a unique and flexible combination of technologies to disrupt the wastewater sector around the world and drive it towards a more circular approach – one that turns wastewater and sludge into new products including clean water, green energy and organic nutrients, and delivers operational efficiency and financial gains for utilities.

In Australia, utilities are already reaping the sustainable rewards of SUEZ’s biofactory solutions and edging closer to carbon neutrality, including Victoria’s South East Water in its ongoing upgrade to the Boneo Water Recycling Plant.

Serving more than 150,000 people on the Mornington Peninsula, the plant is leading the way in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, producing green energy and sparking continuous innovation, all in a more economically viable way.

Join Eric Garcin, Performance and Operational Excellence General Manager at SUEZ, later in the year for a special webinar uncovering the technologies and processes behind SUEZ Biofactory, detailing the successes at home and abroad, and exploring how your utility can transition to the future of wastewater.

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