Mackay Regional Council (QLD) is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) for renewable energy generation options.

Council is requesting EOIs for two categories of renewable energy projects as follows:

  • Small-scale renewable energy generation
    • Generation facilities between 1kW and 200kW. These generators are able to elect to receive Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC). STCs are for residential and smaller commercial systems. These are created at point of commissioning calculated over an assumed 15 years after commissioning of the system
  • Large-scale renewable energy generation
    • Projects with an installed capacity of 100kW or more or generate more than 250MWh per annum that are capable of generating Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC). LGCs are created on an ongoing basis based on an amount of generation equal to the actual generation produced by the generator. The LGC scheme finishes at the end of 2030.

Submissions to tender close 24 January 2017. 


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