Ergon Energy has determined a fifth line route option between Warwick and Stanthorpe based on the corridor recommended by the Community Reference Group (CRG).

The Ergon project team has worked closely with representatives of the United Land Owners Group (ULOG) and property owners along the 2km-wide corridor between Warwick and Stanthorpe to define a line route.

Project manager Rod Lobwein said Ergon had selected the line route after considering the constraints and comments from community members.

“We appreciate the constructive role ULOG played in assisting us to develop the section of the line route in the Massie, Toolburra, Leslie and Allan regions to have the least possible impact on their communities, even though they remain opposed to having the line in their area.

“We understand some property owners within corridor five have been concerned since the CRG’s recommendation was released and trust the selection of a specific line route will ease the concerns of many of them.

“We are now waiting on an independent report we have commissioned to ensure this line route does not impact on future plans for the Warwick airport before proceeding to the next stage,” he said.

Mr Lobwein said the next stage was to work with the community to re-evaluate the five line routes to ensure the most suitable route was selected.

“Now we have a fifth line route, rather than just a corridor, it is possible to more accurately make those comparisons and some additional criteria also have been identified that will be considered,” he said.

Mr Lobwein said Ergon was continuing to work through the regulatory processes to determine if Stanthorpe’s power supply security could be delivered more cost-effectively, at least for some years, without constructing a second 110kV line.

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