For more than five decades, Iplex Pipelines has been at the forefront of plastics pipe technology, playing a major role in the development of GRP pipe products in Australia and New Zealand.

In 1987, Iplex introduced GRP jacking pipe to Australia and drove the growth and market acceptance of GRP jacking pipes in the Australian water industry.

With the advent of continuous filament wound GRP pipe advanced technology, Iplex closed its GRP jacking pipe plant and signed an exclusive distribution agreement to distribute Flowtite® pipe manufactured by RPC Pipe Systems.

RPC Pipe Systems manufactures Flowtite® jacking pipes in a purpose built facility in Lonsdale, South Australia. A key benefit of manufacturing locally is Iplex and RPC’s ability to customise pipe dimensions, pipe stiffness, pipe lengths and joint types to provide ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions for projects and to meet tight construction programs.

The Flowtite® process utilises a continuous and advancing mandrel around which glass filaments are wound, ensuring consistent high quality pipes with glass, sand and resin accurately placed to optimise strength and stiffness in hoop and axial directions.

This feature has enabled Flowtite® GRP pipe to rapidly gain acceptance in a wide range of high-profile projects, with applications including water, sewerage, drainage and wastewater.

Designed for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods, the outstanding compressive strength of Flowtite® jacking pipes enables them to be installed in straight or curved alignments in both vertical or horizontal orientation.

The comprehensive range of Flowtite® jacking pipe includes pipe with injection nozzles, pipe for intermediate jacking stations, relining pipes and specially tailored fittings.

Flowtite® GRP jacking pipe includes high ring stiffness and a coupling design that provides a smooth outer surface.

The benefits of local manufacture, the ability to customise, and the technical support provided by Iplex and RPC make Flowtite® GRP jacking pipe system the ideal solution for complex and demanding trenchless projects.

For more information on the Flowtite® GRP jacking pipe range or to obtain a copy of the Iplex Flowtite® GRP jacking pipe technical guide contact

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