Management of energy consumption is the easiest way for businesses to control increasing electricity costs, according to ERM Power CEO, Jon Stretch.

Mr Stretch said amid concerns about energy policy, price and security, managing energy consumption through demand side management was the cheapest form of carbon abatement, which had been lost in the debate because of the focus on energy supply.

“The energy sector is characterised by policy, pricing and security uncertainty – never has the need for a national energy policy been greater,” Mr Stretch said.

“There is a huge opportunity and responsibility to get the transition from fossil fuels to renewables right, given the significant impact on the energy market, economy, jobs and our environment.”

Mr Stretch said the important issue of demand side management using data, sensing and controlling, lighting and other technology was quick, low cost and achieved emissions reductions but continued to get lost in the national discussion on energy.

“Demand management is crucial because it can offset the rising costs of renewable energy or carbon pricing. It’s the only thing big energy users can control – that’s why we’re focussed on helping them with it.

“Businesses need to understand their energy consumption and figure out how to make it less.”


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