With cyber threats to utilities constantly changing, cyber security expert Scott Ceely believes we need to look beyond present perspectives to develop an accurate idea of what cyber security should actually be.

scott-ceelyMr Ceely, Managing Director and founder of Seer Security, has over 15 years’ experience in cyber security, starting with the federal government before moving into the private sector in 2011.

At Seer Security, Mr Ceely provides advice and consulting to organisations around security strategy and incident response.  

Mr Ceely is a speaker at the upcoming Secure Utilities event, where his presentation Connected devices must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times will look at the increasingly critical business issue of cyber security, and guide utilities through the process of confronting a problem that appears to be getting worse.

In this presentation Mr Ceely will discuss:

  • The ever-changing threat environment
  • Current security issues impacting the utilities industry
  • Present an idea of what security can be, rather than what it is currently perceived as

Mr Ceely will highlight the importance of taking responsibility for the decisions that can affect an organisation’s attack surface, and will also bring up the hard questions that can impede an organisation’s ability to provide a secure environment.

Prior to founding his company, Mr Ceely was responsible for building the AsiaPac presence of the UK-headquartered Context Information Security.  

While in federal government, Mr Ceely held a variety of technical and managerial positions, including as a technical liaison officer in the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.

Mr Ceely has been involved in CREST Australia as an inaugural board member, participates in CSIRO’s ICT in Schools program, and speaks at a variety of public and invitation only security conferences and on expert panels.

How fresh is your perspective on cyber security? Our event, Secure Utilities, to be held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne on 23 March 2017, will ensure your utility keeps up with the latest thinking and technology to keep its assets and data safe.


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