The benefits of local manufacture, linked with the ability to design and customise, and technical support provided by Iplex and RPC Pipe systems made Flowtite ® GRP pipe the ideal solution for the Western Adelaide Wastewater Network Upgrade.

Glass Reinforced Polymers (GRP) Pipe have been a recognised solution for pipeline rehabilitation and infrastructure design, since Iplex’s introduction and commitment to driving awareness, acceptance and growth of GRP in the Australian market.

Iplex Pipelines is the Australian distributor of Flowtite® GRP pipe and fittings, manufactured by RPC Pipe Systems in South Australia.

Flowtite® pipe can be produced in customised pipe dimensions, pipe stiffness, pipe lengths and joint types, to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for sewerage, water, wastewater and drainage projects.

The customised and locally produced options available within the GRP range, further demonstrates the material’s versatility as a pipeline solution for installations in difficult environs and tight construction programs.

The Flowtite® manufacturing process utilises a continuous and advancing mandrel, around which glass filaments are wound, ensuring consistent high-quality pipes with glass, sand and resin accurately placed to optimise strength and stiffness in hoop and axial directions.

Improving sewer network capacity

The construction of the Western Adelaide Wastewater Network Upgrade was undertaken in early 2017, to increase the existing sewer network capacity within the Adelaide CBD. The upgrade had a tight project schedule and a pipeline alignment requiring the main line to be run under arterial roads, beneath rail lines, and through environmentally sensitive green space parklands.

Leed Engineering and Construction were contracted to deliver an expedited solution for the 2.7km gravity sewer upgrade, future-proofing a key element of the city’s wastewater infrastructure. The versatility of the Flowtite® GRP pipe material, with its high chemical and subsequent corrosion resistance when used in sewer applications, was pivotal in approval for this critical asset.

Leveraging the close proximity of RPC Pipe Systems facility in Lonsdale, Adelaide, allowed the coordination of manufacturing and logistics to deliver shipments to site in accord with the project schedule. Deliveries had to align with specific stages of the installation and consider the impact of open trench excavation within a public green space.

The supply of Flowtite® GRP pipe in custom lengths, allowed the pipeline to be installed with significant time and cost savings, eliminating the need and subsequent management of on-site pipe cutting.

Customised pipeline solutions

The project design specified 700m of DN750 and 1600m of DN1000 Flowtite® SN10000 GRP pipe to complete the sewer upgrade through a combination of open trench and pipe jacking installation methods.

Pipe lengths ranging from 3.5 to 6.0m, were installed in alignments incorporating 27 custom designed and purpose built GRP manhole access chambers. These access chambers were manufactured from an engineered design and were constructed of GRP material to include the shaft, inlet and outlet pipes, and internal benching.

Conventional design and installation of concrete-formed chambers requires the provision of a reinforced base to build the manhole structure upon, a process that extends the overall project timeline.

The bespoke, factory-built GRP Access Chambers supplied by Iplex reduced the individual chamber installation time significantly. Project cost savings were achieved by avoiding the need to return and construct concrete chambers, following the pipeline’s installation.

The design and delivery of the Western Adelaide Wastewater Network Upgrade is an example of Iplex Pipelines’ capacity to engage with stakeholders on large-scale infrastructure projects that are frequently challenged by construction schedules, and those governed by environmental controls.

The measure of success in pipeline installations of this scale recognises Iplex’s project partner credentials, further identifying Iplex as Australia’s Pipeline Specialists.

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