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Pipeline Plant Hire has a large fleet of new or near new excavators, wheel loaders, graders, dozers, articulated dump trucks, articulated water carts, backhoes and other equipment needed to construct a pipeline, but the business is as much about the attachments fitted to the machines as it is about the machines themselves.

One of the company’s most productive attachments is its large range of VacLift equipment designed and built in Australia. These attachments can either be integrated units that maximise lifting capacity or custom-built to suit specific project tasks.

The excavator operator controls and monitors the VacLift from the cab, meaning no workers are needed on the ground, which minimises the risk of injury and dramatically reduces the cycle time for each pipe movement from minutes to seconds. Options include the ability to lay and verify mechanically jointed pipes, removing personnel from the trench.

Pipeline Plant Hire has Australia’s largest range of vacuum lifting equipment, from small units used to feed poly pipe to fusion welding machines lifting a few hundred kilograms and large units capable of lifting large diameter, high-pressure pipe weighing over 12 tonnes.

The majority of the recent large pipeline projects, incorporating hundreds of thousands of pipe handling movements, have used Pipeline Plant Hire’s Australian designed and manufactured vacuum lifting equipment to achieve world-leading performance in pipe handling.

Pipeline Plant Hire has incorporated a number of significant improvements to vacuum lifting equipment, improving lifting capacity, visibility, 360-degree horizontal rotation, operational noise reduction, and in-cab control and monitoring.

Other specialised attachments offered by Pipeline Plant Hire include:

  • Rockbreaker hammers
  • Hydraulic screening buckets
  • Augers, vertical and horizontal drive
  • Hydraulic vibrating plate compactors
  • Angle tilt excavator grader blades
  • Side rippers

Pipeline Plant Hire prides itself on its speed of delivering a complete solution to solve project problems. The company works with its customers to improve safety and productivity in the workplace, wherever that may be.

This partner content was brought to you by Pipeline Plant Hire. For more information, visit pipelineplanthire.com.au.

Siobhan Day is the Assistant Editor of Utility magazine and Pump Industry magazine, and has been part of the team since early 2019. With a background in management in the non-profit sector, Siobhan has extensive experience in communications, professional writing and client management. She holds a Bachelor of Business and Communications and is currently completing a postgraduate degree.

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