Non-destructive testing equipment refers to an array of inspection techniques that allow operators to gain information about an asset, system or component without damaging it. In the utility industry, non-destructive testing equipment is regularly used to provide valuable insights into critical infrastructure when treading carefully is of the utmost importance.

When it comes to inspection, testing and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment, Russell Fraser Sales has got it covered. For the last 30 years Russell Fraser Sales has been supplying the oil & gas, mining, marine surveying, engineering and aerospace industries with NDT and inspection equipment.

In the areas of crack testing, hardness testing, ultrasonic thickness measurement, infrared thermography and visual inspection, RFS has solutions. More recently, Coltraco UK’s flow meters and Portascanner Airtight leak detection systems and tank level measuring instruments have been added to the range of equipment supplied.

During COVID, the Portascanner Airtight room integrity testing tool was developed in order to ensure that no leaks of air from negatively pressurised COVID wards could escape into the hospital’s other departments and allow infection to spread. This system also has applications in being able to check the seals in buildings and hatches to ensure maximum efficiency in heating, cooling and sealing, by checking seals in doors, windows and other areas.

In a world where we are aiming for maximum efficiency and savings of energy, the Portascanner Airtight system is a major asset. Not only does this system detect leaks, it also has a camera which shows the location of the leak. In a world where the aim is net zero, every energy saving is important and saves money at the same time.

When it comes to looking inside tanks, pipes and machines, Mitcorp and Foretec Borescopes have probes from 3.9 to 90mm in diameter with flexible and rigid formats. These give high resolution images and videos for inspection purposes. Most of the probes are IP67 rated which makes them submersible in water and oils. HIKMICRO have a range of infrared thermography cameras from pocket size to very high resolution with an option to suit a range of budgets.

Often in the field an operator can use a lower cost instrument to collect basic data, and if needed, a fully trained and skilled technician can do further analysis. These are used for switchboard temperature inspection, bearings, and for temperature analysis of pipelines and tanks.

It is important that the correct instrument and technique is applied to every inspection, and the team at Russell Fraser Sales are always ready to give guidance to the best and most cost effective technique for the job at hand. The team at RFS have backgrounds in engineering, science and metallurgy in order to help customers with their inspection needs.

Located in Heathcote, New South Wales, Russell Fraser Sales has an office and warehouse with a comprehensive range of products available.

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